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  • XM 60 Series

    MSRP: $3,400.00 - $3,858.00
    From: $2,890.00

    Key Features Force Compensation by Precisa® Three and four-place readability Key Select™ single log press for reporting Program and store…

  • XM Series

    MSRP: $275.00

    Made in Democratic Taiwan Key Features Rugged General Purpose Large Backlit Display 3,000 Divisions [button href="" icon_size="12" animation_delay="0" class="" target=""…

  • Zerostat3 Anti-Static Gun

    MSRP: $185.00

    A simple solution of an Antistatic Gun which generates either a positive charge or a negative charge, depending on if…

  • XB-C Series

    MSRP: $1,790.00 - $2,264.00
    From: $1,521.50

    Designed, temperature compensated and inspected in Switzerland Key Features Force Compensation By Precisa® Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display RS-232 Interface Optional…

  • SAC-150 Counting Scale

    MSRP: $511.00

    Made in Democratic Taiwan Key Features High Precision Counting Heavy Duty 99 PLU 1,000,000 Internal Divisions Triple range [button href=""…

  • Pan Cover

    MSRP: $38.00

    For use with XM and PC-A models.